RED FACTION -- ONE OF THE BEST PC GAMES EVER MADE Tons of long-forgotten maps, patches, and tools for your nostalgic Red Faction needs. Thanks Dr@gon! Plenty of cool maps (with thumbnails) and a list of the classic commands. The multiplayer server's map rotation is listed and is always updated. If you want the classic multiplayer, this is where you go. Thanks Stu! This is basically Red Faction's new home. Hundreds of maps and utilities, a forum, and the autodownloader that Purefaction uses is hosted here. When the real death of Red Faction was on the horizon, the dudes behind (along with Purefaction) breathed new life into the game. Thanks digi! Without Purefaction, Red Faction's fate was pretty much sealed. From an administrative standpoint, it's become an essential tool for rcon holders (game admins) to run their servers and keep an eye on things. The map autodownloader keeps players in the game and the matches flowing. Thanks TrotSkie!

A-faction Servers: Thanks to Angel (Angel-Of-Apocalyps) and Pony202, we have five lag-free dedicated Red Faction servers of different game types and a website with easy access to essential files and help with Windows 10 problems.


If you want your Red Faction site included here or if there's someone i forgot to thank in the above section, just let me know.